Consultative Offerings

Organization Assessments

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Using our BAI Readiness Assessment Tool we will evaluate your organizations’ readiness to implement Building Asset Management. The standard evaluation includes –

  • Organizational structure
  • Performance metrics
  • Incentives
  • Policies
  • Practices
  • Technologies
  • Paradigms

Organization Assessments are a good place to start when considering options for implementing Building Asset Management.


Strategy Development

We can help develop the Building Asset Management strategies that make the most sense for your business, including –

  • Asset Management Strategy
  • Organization Strategies – structure, roles & responsibilities, performance metrics
  • Information Strategy
  • Technology Strategy
  • Change Management Strategy

In our strategy development work we carefully consider the constraints you face (competitive, financial, cultural) to maximize the chances of success.

Program Assessment & Design

If you want something less than a comprehensive Building Asset Management program, we perform individual assessments and redesign services for Building Asset Management functional programs –

  • Risk Management
  • Energy Management
  • Project Management
  • Maintenance Management

and overlap programs –

  • LCAM / Capital Planning
  • Energy Investments
  • Energy Maintenance
  • Reliability Engineering

as defined under the BAI Model.

Asset Management Tools

We offer a set of sophisticated spreadsheet tools collectively called the Building Asset Information Engine (BAI Engine). The BAI Engine provides-

  • Asset data consolidation
  • Sophisticated asset risk management
  • Investment need identification and prioritization (LCAM)
  • Risk-Based Capital Planning / Forecasting
  • Operate vs. Replace decision support
  • Asset cost, performance, failure analytics – includes Asset Total Cost of Operation (ATCO), Asset Total Cost of Operation with Risk (ATCOR), Asset Economic Value Added (AEVA).
  • Asset Facility Condition Index (AFCI) reporting


Asset Management Outsourcing

If your business is considering including “technical services” as part of an FM outsourcing initiative, we can leverage our considerable outsourcing experience to help ensure the solutions proposed by potential service providers are a good fit for your business. We can –

  • Develop solution requirements for bid documents
  • Evaluate supplier proposals – programs, methods, technologies
  • Assist in service provider selection